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This is your invitation to get started with these life changing practices from your home.

Expand and grow yourself by enrolling in the only comprehensive program designed to teach authentic Tantra from your home. Rather than focusing only on couple exercises, I start with the foundation of knowing how to do Tantra alone. You will know you can do these practices correctly and then not worry with a partner if you are doing them right. The solo practice never stops because there is always more to practice for the self. These solo exercises are perfect to continue for those that do not want to be in relationships or that only want to practice Tantra with the right person.

You will learn what would take dozens of private lessons with a teacher in their office and thousands of dollars. The price will be going up as more trainings are added, so get in now and lock in your low, affordable price for one year.

Solo Tantra Program – $33 / one month access    $330 / one year